Digital and Serial I/O

VadaTech’s wide range of ATCA Rear Transition Modules (RTMs) and MicroTCA I/O AMCs make it easier to integrate these standards-based building block systems into your network or application.


In the AMC form factor, we have solutions for MicroDIN, PCIe, USB, Infiniband, 10G/40G/100G Ethernet serial ports, FireWire and more. Our ATCA RTMs offer additional storage and IO interfaces to bring expandability to your system via rear IO. Our range covers blades that follow the common pinout definition on Zone 3, such as Sun Microsystems Netra CP3260, CP3220 and the VadaTech ATC114, as well as RTMs designed and tested with specific VadaTech blades or specific blades from other vendors, such as the Artesyn (formerly Emerson) ATCA-7360 and ATCA-7365.


We have also developed several custom media converters to simplify your connectivity options.


Please contact us if you have any requirements that you don’t see below, our agile R&D team has many years’ experience in modifying standard products and developing custom solutions.