VadaTech offers a range of functionality in the PCI Express (PCIe) form factors, including carriers, switches, graphics and data acquisition (DAQ). These products provide a cost-effective platform for a range of industrial, telecom, military and aerospace applications.  


Please contact us if you have any requirements that you don’t see below, our agile R&D team has many years’ experience in developing custom solutions.


VadaTech offers a range of carriers for technologies such as AMC and PMC in the PCIe form factor to enable you to build a complete system using best-in-class building blocks or legacy products regardless of the form factor. We also offer carriers that allow you to adapt embedded form factors such as PMC/PrPMC and AMC into a PCI or PCI-X environment for production or lab testing.




These PCIe carriers for AMC modules provide a convenient hardware test facility and include optional management controller that is code compatible with VadaTech range of MCH.