VadaTech recognizes that customers are looking for solutions that meet their specific requirements, and that such solutions are not always achievable using existing modular products. We take time to assess your requirements fully, and will often propose solutions that require some degree of customization in hardware or software. This allows us to provide hard-to-find solutions or to offer significant cost savings through hardware optimization. Customization can be anything from moving a product from one form factor to another (e.g. offering an AMC in CPCI form factor) to new product generation based on re-use of existing design blocks. 


At a simpler level, we can customize the appearance of most products where sufficient volume is required, and a robust process is in place for revision-locking to maintain consistency of supply.  


Examples of products designed to meet niche requirements include AMC502, a dual FMC carrier with optional clock routing for CERN’s CMS experiment, or VT732, a custom network security platform.