The large existing product portfolio described on this web site allows VadaTech customers flexibility to create robust platforms based on open modular standards using COTS boards and chassis.  We recognize, however, that some programs demand capabilities that are not yet available as off-the-shelf product, to meet specific performance, size, form factor or cost requirements.  Our business model supports the rapid creation of new products to meet particular customer requirements, and our engineers are used to working in close collaboration as an extension to our customers’ development teams.


VadaTech product creation will often make extensive use of existing field-proven IP blocks, in hardware or software.  This accelerates time to market and aids robustness of the design.  For some customers it is simply a case of moving a design from one form factor to another (within open standards or to something customer-specific), or we can incorporate customer IP into new products to achieve the required solution.  VadaTech technical capabilities span the full eco system from sensor to user interface or network, from VHDL to switch management, and from complex board implementations to mil-grade mechanical and thermal design.  This breadth of provision allows us to develop innovative system-level solutions that provide real business advantage to our customers.


To explore potential options and possibilities please contact your local technical sales representative to discuss your requirements.  They will undertake an initial assessment and put you in touch with the appropriate engineering team to define an outline specification and propose potential approaches.  VadaTech will work closely with your engineers to provide a solution that meets your technical, timescale and commercial objectives.