VadaTech has literature in several formats. This includes brochures and product guides, tutorial papers, and application or industry-specific flyers. See the list below for downloadable versions of our literature.



MicroTCA Application Guide

This guide is intended for system architects who are responsible for evaluating and selecting the architecture and form factor for specific project requirements.

Embedded Computing Overview Brochure

Overview guide on VadaTech, including product lines, capabilities/services, markets, and more.  

Defense & Aerospace Computing Brochure

Overview Guide for Mil/Aero Solutions and Rugged Computing Platforms.

MicroTCA Overview Guide

 A brief introduction to MicroTelecommunications Computing Architecture concepts.

Sensor-Based Processing for Military & Aerospace

With a focus based on VITA and PICMG open standards, we offer unmatched product selection and expertise, especially in the areas of data acquisition, signal processing, rugged systems, and other cutting edge embedded technologies.

ASIC Emulation

Designing complex systems, from platform level down to ASIC, typically involves a crucial simulation phase to ensure that the proposed architecture achieves the desired functionality and performance. VadaTech provides a strong range of AMCs that offer the connectivity needed to form an emulation network.

DAQ Series

VadaTech DAQ Series™ is a complementary Board Support Package dedicated to A-D and D-A conversion platforms. It provides access to the hardware and acquisition functions from existing tools developed by leading silicon suppliers and computing software developers.

Open VPX

Discover the value of open standards, the strength of VadaTech's capabilities and the breadth of the product range for the VPX market.  

VT835/VT836 3U ATCA Hybrid Chassis with 8 AMCs

The VT835 brings together the processing power of ATCA with the flexibility of the AMC form factor. The VT836 provides the same capability in a rugged, airborne-ready format. See how this architecture can be used across various example applications.

OpenVPX Chassis Product Line

VadaTech releases more than 70 new products each year and the present brochure covers of a subset of the products and features available. VadaTech has leveraged features and design techniques through years of experience in developing TCA PICMG telecommunication chassis, in order to add more embedded and intelligent functions in the crate, to the benefit of VITA open standard users.


Flyers and Other Literature

Reducing Footprint and Simplifying Integration for High Energy Physics

Small-footprint low-cost chassis for acquisition and data processing

High Performance FMC Flyer

VadaTech offers precision, high-reliability ADC, DAC, ADC/DAC, RF and networking FMCs.

Broadcast Computing

MicroTCA is an excellent platform for media transport, compression, and other Broadcast computing requirements.

About MicroTCA.4 Flyer

 MicroTCA.4 – A Dense, Powerful Architecture with I/O and Signal Conditioning Provisions.

Rugged MicroTCA Flyer

 Rugged - Proven - Deployed

Xilinx® Suite of FPGA’s Flyer

 VadaTech’s New FPGA Carriers – The Xilinx® Suite

OpenVPX / MicroTCA.2/MicroTCA.3 Comparison

This whitepaper contains a comparison table between OpenVPX and MicroTCA.2/MicroTCA.3.This whitepaper contains a comparison table between OpenVPX and MicroTCA.2/MicroTCA.3.