AMC Carrier for PCIe Gen 3 Module

  • AMC PCIe Gen 3 carrier (x4 or x8)
  • Double module, full-size
  • Accept any standard PCIe edge style module
    • connector is x16
  • IPMI 2.0 compliant

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The AMC104 is a carrier for a standard PCIe Gen3/Gen2/Gen1 module with PCIe interfaceas x1, x2, x4, x8 or x16. It comes in a double module, full-size. The AMC104 routes PCIelanes on the AMC ports 4-11. The AMC104 allows extra power to the PCIe module byhaving the external power connector on board.

The AMC104 is fully compliant to the AMC.0 specification. The AMC104 allows standardcommercial PCIe Graphics or other I/O module to be incorporated into the MTCA chassis orATCA Carriers.

Key Features
  • AMC PCIe Gen 3 carrier (x4 or x8)
  • Double module, full-size
  • Accept any standard PCIe edge style module
    • connector is x16
  • IPMI 2.0 compliant
  • Allows any high-end commercial PCIe Gen3 video card or other module to be utilized in a MicroTCA system
  • Routing options for x4 or x8 to the backplane
  • Design utilizes proven VadaTech subcomponents and engineering techniques
  • Electrical, mechanical, software, and system-level expertise in house
  • Full ecosystem of front and rear boards, enclosures,specialty modules, and test/dev products from one source
  • AS9100 and ISO9001 certified company

Block diagram

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Tilera GX72 Processor AMC, 72 Core

  • Tilera™ GX72CPU with 72 TILE-Gx Core 
  • Conduction cooled version available
  • Double module, full-size per AMC.0
  • Four banks of DDR3 w/ ECC (up to 64 GB)
  • AMC Ports 4-11 are routed to Tilera per AMC.1, AMC.2 (PCIe and XAUI options)
  • AMC Ports 17-20 optionally routed as XAUI to the Tilera
  • Four 10 GbE to front panel
  • IPMI 2.0 compliant
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FMC High-speed DAC 14-bit at 2.5 GSPS Module

  • FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) per VITA 57
  • Single module  AD9739 DAC 14-bit at 2.5 GSPS
  • 2 Vpp differential Analog output swing
  • Programmable DSP clock
  • Dynamic performance
    • 8 QAM carriers @ 400 MHz IF –71 dBc
    • 16 QAM carriers @ 400 MHz IF –68 dBc
    • 32 QAM carriers @ 400 MHz IF –65 dBc
    • 72 QAM carriers @ 600 MHz IF –61 dBc
  • Single tone NSD @ 2.4 GSPS
    • 166 dBm/Hz @ 100 MHz IF
    • 162 dBm/Hz @ 1 GHz IF
  • Connection via MMCX for Analog Out and Reference Clock Input
  • Connection via LVDS for TRIG In/Out and GPIO
  • RoHS compliant
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7U uTCA Cube Chassis, 6 AMC

  • 7U μTCA Cube
  • 5” x 7U x 9” deep (with handles 10” deep)
  • Redundant Cooling Units
  • Up to six AMCs: 6 full size single module or 3 full size double module
  • Radial I2C bus to each AMC
  • Single Star passive 26 layer backplane
  • Redundant FRU information devices and carrier locator
  • Telco Alarm
  • CLK1, CLK2 and CLK3
  • JTAG Switch Module (JSM) Slot
  • ESD Jack at the top front
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