MTCA.4 RTM for AMC577

  • MicroTCA.4 RTM for the AMC577
  • 16 ADC and input via Balun
  • 16 DAC as output via Balun

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The MRT577A is a Rear Transition Module (RTM) for VadaTech’s AMC577, routing analog to the rear panel.

The 16 ADC/DAC are AC coupled with a choice of Balun specification.

VadaTech offers a wide range of MicroTCA.4 products, including full systems.  Contact your local salesperson or representative for details.

Key Features
  • MicroTCA.4 RTM for the AMC577
  • 16 ADC and input via Balun
  • 16 DAC as output via Balun
  • Expertise in RTM and MTCA.4 board design
  • Full ecosystem of MicroTCA.4 AMCs, PMs, MCH, RTMs, chassis, and application-ready systems
  • Design utilizes proven VadaTech subcomponents and engineering techniques
  • Electrical, mechanical, software, and system-level expertise in house
  • AS9100 and ISO9001 certified company

Block diagram

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Dual DAC 16-bit @ 250 MSPS, Kintex-7, MTCA.4

  • Dual DAC 16-bit @ 250 MSPS utilizing MAX5878 device (user programmable for lower sampling rate)
  • Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA XC7K410T in FFG900 package
  • Supported by DAQ Series™ data acquisition software
  • 2 GB of DDR3 memory
  • Internal clock or precision external clock from RTM/backplane/front panel clocks
  • Trig in/out configurable by software (external trigger via front or port 17)
  • x8 PCIe (or dual x4)
  • Quad SFP+ (up to 6.6 Gbps)
  • JTAG selectable front and backplane
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AC Power Module, 1000W

  • Double-module, 12HP size module per AMC.0
  • Universal AC input (85 to 265V), 1000W
  • Provides power up to 12 AMCs, 2 MCHs and Cooling Units
  • Very low ripple voltage on +12V
  • Hot swappable with two banks of 256K flash for redundancy
  • Dual IPMI bus
  • 32–bit RISC processor
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8U uTCA.4 Chassis Platform

  • uTCA.4 Chassis Platform with rear I/O
  • 19” x 8U x 14.9” deep (with handles 16.23” deep)
  • Full redundancy with dual MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH), dual Cooling Units and quad Power Modules
  • Up to twelve AMCs: 12 mid-size double module front module with 12 mid-size double module RTMs
  • Provision to route cables from the front to the back
  • Radial I2C bus to each AMC
  • High-speed 30 layer passive backplane
  • Redundant FRU information devices and carrier locator
  • Dual 1000W AC Power supply option Telco Alarm FCLKA, TCKA, TCKB, TCLKC AND TCLKD
  • JTAG Switch Module (JSM) Slot
  • ESD Jack at the top front
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